Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miss Molly

A few months ago I posted about our pansy boy cat Hiro. I mentioned our other cat, Molly. Here she is. Can you taste the distain? The disgust rolling off her, the fire of hate in her eyes? The world is hers and all bow before her or feel the pain of her wrath.

Molly hates us. She hates everything, really, so I don't take much offense. She feels our house, food and affection (when she wants it and only then, or else) are hers by right. She perches on Alex's loft bed and watches us with snarky lidded eyes, daring us to encroach on her personal space. Hell, she'll sleep with the kids in their beds and then bite or scratch them if they dare to unconciously move too close to her in their sleep. Don't get me wrong we love her and her surliness.

She's a beautiful kitty. We rescued her from a shelter when she was a baby. She had a little sibling with her but we couldn't take more than one at that time. I think that just adds fuel to her hate fire.

She's a fat, spoiled kitty but nothing we do is ever good enough. I call her "Queen Bitch Supreme" but lovingly. Really. When we got Hiro she took to him like a mama cat. She'd let him eat first, bathe him, cuddle him. Now when he walks by she hisses and beats the crap out of him. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was that time I caught him humping a feral cat on my porch. Maybe she's disgusted he'd sink so low.

Molly isn't declawed. We had to sign a waver when we got her saying we never would. That's fine. I don't really believe in it. Even if my couch is becoming threadbare. Hmmm, clipping off pieces of her body or having one less thing messed up on the already kid stained couch? That's rhetorical, by the way.

You'd never notice her claws unless you caught her in a mood swing. She will literally go from being petted to clawing your eyes out without blinking. Ask my neighbor, Amy. She could have put a piercing through the hole Molly made in the webbing between her thumb and finger.

So, there you have her, the Queen Bitch Supreme and I love her to pieces.

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