Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ladies, you've been warned

In sixty to seventy years*, when my littlest man is getting interested in "the ladies", I want to remind everyone that I did in fact warn you. I will say "I told you so".  I'm honest like that.

If my son flashes you this face, complete with his solitary dimple, he's been doing something naughty and he's trying to cover it up with cute. Like right now, he's standing on a chair throwing school books on the floor. Naughty boy!

But awww, look at the dimple! He's so cute. I often remark about that one dimple he's got (why just one?) but seriously that's all the friggin' adorable any one person can possibly take before imploding. Two dimples and he'd be unstoppable. Especially with his shaggy messy haircut and crookedy smile, wearing a shirt that boasts "Future Prince Charming" you know you're in for it.

Let's review: Dimple = Naughty

Ladies, you've been warned.

*60 years is the earliest I will allow him to date. He's my last baby, I want to keep him that way.


Fujisawa Bob said...

The drool on his shirt is what really sends them.

Crystal said...

You can look past the drool when he's that adorable. He probably has sticky hands too.