Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big Load

I rencently bought some citrus from the big blue store. I had to. There are strict restrictions on citrus in the Sunshine State. One tree infected with citrus canker can wipe out whole groves. This is one thing we won't be able to do organically. I just couldn't live with myself if one of my trees took out someones livelihood.

We have 3 Meyer Lemon and 2 Key Limes. I'm not the only one that loves them.

They're a huge hit with the local bees.

I was outside this morning playing with my new Pentax K-x. It's a huge learning curve upgrading from a Point-n-Shoot. I was testing it out on my stationary garden when this guy showed up. He's got the biggest load of pollen on his legs I've ever seen.

So naturally, I took a bunch of photos of him polinating my citrus blossoms. He was a good sport. And a hard worker.

Bees are one of the things we'll be getting within our first year on the farm. I haven't done much research into them yet, but I have a couple books for when I'm ready. I should probably look now so I can accurately name the things on his legs instead of calling them "big loads of pollen on his legs", they probably have a great scientific name, like baggus pollinous ginormica.

Fly on little bee. Fly on.

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