Friday, February 5, 2010

I never thought to do that with a yo-yo

We're having a really shitty day. Like uber-shitty. It's overcast, we're overtired. Everyone is cranky and grating on everyone else's nerves. I'm hungry. Three out of four appointments scheduled for today didn't happen. I have to have the house cleaned by 11am tomorrow and it's a disaster. Rob has to be in St. Augustine at 6:45 tomorrow's a three hour drive. We're all on edge and crabby so I thought I'd post another Max-montage since he's such a funny baby.

Yeah! I have Emmy's yo-yo!

But I'm a baby. I can't yo-yo. Yeah! I have a yo-yo anyway!

Hey, check this out, grass can rip!

Grass tastes yucky. *spits out grass* What can I do with it? Oh I know!

I will meticulously put it on TOP of the yo-yo!

Needs more grass...

YEAH! I rock! I will show you how hard I rock by displaying my other new skill, completely different from organizing grass particles on a small surface...clapping!

Hi Emmy. Hey d'you know where'd my yo-yo go? It was right here, covered in grass...

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