Friday, March 27, 2009

The Many Adventures of Emmy and Poo

Little, sweet, adorable, curly-headed Amelia (Emmy for short). Ah, what a lovely little baby girl. Quickly approaching the two year mark in May. My Emmy was a model baby. Slept alone, all night with nothing special needed from about 6 months old. Even tempered, easy to get along with, perfectly happy. Until recently.

What has happened to my little cuddly munchkin?? She's turning into a very demanding, opinionated, obsessive and bossy toddler. And she's turning two. I love her to pieces. I love that her personality is coming to the surface and she's becoming a "real" girl. But a mom can only take so much.

Lets start way back at the begining on...Monday. 5 short little week days streched to feel like months of work. Emmy has added some wonderful words to her vocabulary recently. Such as, "pa-hee" (potty), "uck" (yuck), "die-he"(diapie), "bum", "pee-hee" (pee-pee), "y" (wipe) and "NO!". As excited as I was hearing them for the first time, she has now entered them into a different context that is making my life somewhat miserable, at least so much as keeping a diaper on her.

At the begining of the week she decided she would like to sit on the "pa-hee". Wonderful! my almost two year old is trying to potty train herself! Yippee! Although, the whole "pa-hee" experience ends up being her stripping wherever she happens to be, me egging her on quite quickly to the bathroom and her sitting on the potty for all of 3 seconds by which time she gets completely freaked out that she's going to fall in even with me holding her. Followed by her necessity of getting a "y", actually wiping herself and closing and flushing the non-existent elimation with the perfectly clean toilet paper. This is all well and fine and dandy. Wonderful. I'm ecstatic she's wanting to learn and is taking some of the grunt work off me. My last two wouldn't potty train until 3.5-4 years which was quite a debacle.

By the middle of the week she learned that when she's got a "uck die-hee" that she can take it off and leave it anywhere she happens to be and that by saying "mommy uh-oh" or "mommy uck" that I will be ok with it. More than not she's in bed supposed to be sleeping either at night or at nap. This makes it more challenging and more laundry. I actually have an entire laundry basket filled with her wet/poopie bed linens and clothes going through the cycles.

This little gem has learned how to take off a zippered footie pajama. The following night I tried pants and a shirt and by morning she was nude with poo in the bed. I tried a zippered footie pj with a snap closure at the top and she was nude and peed within the hour.

I've been throwing around ideas on how to keep her in her jammies. Possibly turn the zippered jammies around? I'm worried about choking her.

Add snaps to her shirt/pant sets all the way around so she can't take the pants off? I'm not sure about adding snaps on knits.

Go shopping for special escape-free jammies? Not until we get paid next week.

So for the interim (or at least for tonight) I've taped her in her diaper with packing tape. Let's see her get out of this one.