Monday, February 22, 2010

A new week ahead

This coming week I hope to get much accomplished. I've purchased a book that I'm hoping will help me. It's called Managers Of Their Homes. It's hard to find but worth the read, even if it is overloaded with talk about God and quotes out of the bible as the only reasons to get anything accomplished heavily Christian based. I haven't had trouble skimming or flat out skipping parts that don't apply to our family (like the scheduling babies thing, WTH?). They do have good ideas about how to get the other kids to do stuff with the younger and some other tips and tricks that I hadn't thought of. Though, scheduling our lives from waking to sleep (and some even schedule the sleep ON the chart!) is a little much for me. I can't believe they didn't schedule sex, then again "Alone time with (insert husbands name)" might just be that...Somethings just aren't meant to be scheduled, folks. I'm going to roll off this slowly so I don't fall on my butt.

I'm taking this week to organize, really think about what's important to us, what needs to be scheduled to get done, how much time I want to devote to things. Maybe I can even schedule in a daily shower for myself without people trying to join me, crying when they can't or incessantly banging on the door to come in. Wouldn't that be something? If I could, it'd be worth the $28 for the book for that alone.

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