Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tomato parade

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about the secret Florida growing season that happens in the winter? I had counted thirty seven plus tomatoes on my cherry and beefsteak vines. That's just two measly little vines. They're troopers, I tell ya. Well, the little known growing season has one drawback, it actually does get below freezing when the weather happens to get cold down here.

Many of those green tomatoes were sacrificed to the season. Six 'mato's made it.  One was a beefsteak.

I'm just so gosh darn giddy about the few that made it I got a little silly taking photos.

Which I suppose is a little sad because it's barely enough for one large salad...

...for just me. But these six beauts are what it's all about. That funny little feeling I get harvesting even the meagerest of crops. It makes me happy. Fulfills some primal thing in my bones.

Plus they're the reddest, prettiest things I've seen in a while. Left to ripen on the vine instead of prepicked before their prime. I should have snapped a photo of them next to the gigantic pale one I got at the market.

I don't even mind that the beefsteak was a bit stunted. He had a hard time but still made it to the plate.

I suppose that's all we can ask for in life.

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