Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hands-on Spelling

Homeschool doesn't have to be the rigid desk work I was used to when I attended public school. I was good at it, it was easy. It's been hard to realize that learning can happen lots of ways and scoop up opportunities when they arise. Wednesday we did hands-on spelling. Chaos and messiness ensued. I think they loved it.

It started out innocently enough. I put the magnetic letters box on the floor to keep Max occupied.

Next thing I knew the kids were diving in.

Being the awesome homeschool mom I am, I immediately picked up the Spelling lists and started calling out words to be spelled. If by "immediately" you mean after 5 minutes of yelling at them to not make a mess.

They got a little silly with the words though. Like Livi's "Dr. Cat".

It took longer than a normal lesson since everyone had to find letters scurrying around like little...

We also didn't have quite enough letters so people stole from other peoples words.

Which made it look like they were spelling jibberish in the photos. Man, they were quick.

But they were happy when they got their word done.

They even let Max help out.

It took a long time to find all the letters needed, so we only did the small words from our list. They had a good time, they worked together, and they spelled a lot of words (right even). Now, if I can just get them to clean up the mess...

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