Friday, February 19, 2010

Ode To My Tech-Geek Son

Oh, Alex!
How I love that you know how to type without hen-pecking (mostly).
That you know how to install software from a CD-Rom.
And off the internet.
Filling your computer with downloaded games
until the thing just can't keep up with your tech-savvy-ness.
That you use a mouse with the skill of a cyborg attachment
which you would probably totally get if you could.
How you know where the volume control is
and can manage the Start menu.
That you understand what "www" means,
and know the varied link extensions.
By heart.
How you instictively know how to print,
log in with your user,
fill out online forms.
You navigate the web with ease,
as though it was a skill you aquired in the womb.
I love that you love Sim-games.
Online chess.
 (well, maybe not that last one so much)
I'm really glad your dad got you the Encarta software.
And that you show your sisters how to use the laptop
by hogging it and making them watch you play.
(we'll have to discuss that when you start dating)
My darling boy!
To think you're only seven!
What techological wonders will be when you're a man?
I shudder to think,
you might actually become a cyborg.
Though that might be kinda cool.
But I swear to God
If I get one more application packet
For University of Phoenix
With your name on it
I'm taking the damn laptop away.