Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cordelia is Five

My middle child turned Five last Friday.

That's Cordelia Anne. With an "e". Named for Anne of Green Gables (my favorite book/series/movie) and from Shakespear's King Lear. This means I have kids that are between one and eight. She's 4 years older than Max and 2.5 years younger than Alex. She was my most difficult baby.

She picked Macaroni Grill for her birthday dinner. We don't do parties. Just seems kinda avaricious calling people and inviting them to bring you gifts. We like to celebrate as a family instead.

We have a good time. And we still eat cake.

The lady on the left sang Cordi "Happy Birthday" in Italian.

Max thought it was delightful.

We all shared the cake and had ice cream too. Later on a set of Grandparents came by and gave her a gift she'd been wanting. A ballerina costume.

She's quite happy being five. Even if its bittersweet for mom and dad.

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Fujisawa Rob said...

It's important to perfect your Ballet Face.