Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Day

We're heading out in about 2 hours to pick out a puppy from the same lady that we got Duncan from. She also runs a dog rescue. She has a litter of Border Collie/Lab mixes right now that we think will be perfect for our family. Shorter hair of the Lab, coloring of the Collie. Both breeds are great family and farm dogs.

The kids are nearly in hysterics. They've never had a dog. I'm a little nervous about it since it's just another being I have to take care of. But honestly, if this farm thing comes to pass we'll have a lot more than just one dog looking to us for care. Goats, chickens, cow, rabbits. Possibly some geese and llama.

I'm leaving the life I had behind. The selfishness and laziness of it. The dog will be a good addition. We'll train her to be a watch dog for our house. With Rob's varing schedule, his time away, it'll be security for me. Peace of mind, really. And when we're out on the land in an RV in the middle of nowhere too. Plus the kids are just gonna love her.

Taking on the responsibility of training an 8 week old puppy is a big job. Nothing to be taken lightly. We've gone back and forth over 2 years on the subject. Mary, the dog rescue woman, just happened to become my Facebook friend right when the puppies were dropped off. I think that's a bit of a sign.

I'll try and post more later. Put a pic up of the black and white gal we give a forever home to and let everyone know how she's doing. And how we fare as well.

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Jessica said...

Congratulations! We got our first puppy in October. I was always a cat person, but getting our dog has been absolutely wonderful. Looking forward to seeing pictures! :)