Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Beds

I decided to make some permanent-ish beds in the front yard. It's the only place on the property that gets full sun all day. The backyard is fully fenced and fully shaded. Plus we have a lot more front yard than back. I just hope the neighbors don't mind. Bonus points for no HOA.

I bought some 1 x 4x 8's at Lowes and had them cut them in half to make 1x4x4's. A few packages of L brackets (complete with screws) and we're on our way. Having them cut it took the work from me and made it easier to transport 16 pieces of wood in my car with 5 kids in tow. Yeah, all the kids go with me on errands. That's what happens when you homeschool.

I made one frame as soon as we got home because I know me and I'll procratinate beyond all reason put it off just a little bit. I also picked up soil, manure and some broccoli plants. The kids weren't happy with the broccoli. No color! They said. So they each picked out an annual to plant. They'll attract the bees and only cost $.98 a piece, so that's alright.

I dug out the soil and added 2 bags of dirt and 1 manure. Planted them and off we went with our regular stuff before I made the second bed. Almost two weeks later. Ahem.

For being fairly close to the sea and in the city, we do have some nice rich black earth under about two inches of acorns.

Alex manned the camera while Cordi helped me clear out the second bed.

After we added the new soil and manure the kids went to work stomping the dirt down. They only weigh at the most 42 lbs. The perfect weight for just right compacted earth. You can see the first bed on the right.

Cordelia got a little excited...

And some fairies joined the stomping fray.

We finished off the first bed, planting peppers, zucchini and spinach and mounded up a bit for some canteloupe in the other. I'm starting this months earlier than last year but I'm hoping to actually get something other than frustration out of it this year.

Live and learn. And play in the dirt.

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Fujisawa Rob said...

That reminds me of the Black Sabbath Song, "Fairies Wear Red Shoes on The Wrong Feet".