Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Code Name: Hiro

Real Name Hiro Nakamura Cipriani
Aliases Hiro, Kitty
Identity Secret
Occupation Butterfly Exterminator
Citizenship U.S.A.
Known Relatives Molly Cipriani
Education Unrevealed
Eyes Yellowish
Hair Gray and White
Powers None (he's been fixed)
Weapons Fully clawed, teeth
First Appearance Under our porch about three years ago.

Hiro Nakamura has the uncanny ability to take down the Butterfly, a diverting menace to his otherwise peaceful world. He then deposits them as sacrifice to the god-like humans that repay him with food, water, a warm house and a place to shit. He will utilize the pink box of scented sand or poop directly next to it to show his displeasure and stink up the house. He is the only known cat to have the mutated ability of flatulence, silently clearing a room in seconds. Sidekick to Molly, the bi-polar bitch spectacular, he spends his days chasing the feral cats from his domain (or humping them depending on his mood).  

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