Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rag Rug-along week 4

Hello Sunday to all you rag ruggers (or at least to me since there seems to be none so far)! To recap the assignments:

Week 1 - Gather materials
Week 2- continue to gather materials
Week 3- Wash your fabrics (bonus Ironing task if you felt giddy)

Easy, simple. If you're just tuning in (and I hope someone is) getting caught up won't be difficult. Remember to send me photos of your stashes to get them posted up (with links to your store, twitter, facebook, blog whatever!) to

And now...

Week 4 Assignment - cut fabric into 2.5" long strips. Doesn't matter if it's with or against the grain. For cutting large pieces it's easier to use a rotary cutter, ruler and fold the material so it's all even and make a single short cut. Like this:

Don't cut too many layers at once or the material will shift. I recommend doing at the most 4 layers of thin materials.

Then you'll end up with pieces that look like this:

This is only 3 pillow cases, 1 queen flat sheet and part of a fitted king size. I left the seams where they were on the ENDS of the fabric (like where the pillow case is joined at the end) but cut off the others. The reason is that we'll be sewing these together anyway so the factory seams won't hinder our progress.

Have fun cutting!

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