Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun times.

We went to the Bay Area Reniassance Festival on Saturday. It was one of those things that you just have to do. It's great. No one looked at us like we were freaks. Because they were all really freakier.

We did lots but the biggest thing with the kids was the archery stand. Alex whined to do it the entire time we were there. This is where you pay a bunch of money and they hand you real metal tipped instruments of death to play with. Without instructions.

Here I am poised to hit the cardboard deer.*

Look at that confident, relaxed stance. I could have been one of Robin's men er...women. But not like that.

And here I am after, trying to hide the fact the string whipped across my arm. I now have a black bruise dotted with broken blood vessles the size of a dollar coin on the inside of my arm. Fun times.

See the subtle difference in expressions. Man, can I repress those emotions.

*I don't think I could ever shoot a real deer. Or eat one though I don't have a problem with anyone doing it. I did actually hit the deer which was probably positioned closer than I'd ever get to one in real life. Plus the fact it had a big red target painted on it made it a bit easier.

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