Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, my Man.

Yesterday was the celebration of the birth of my first child. My first son. The only person on the entire planet that was responsible for making me a mother. Wow, how time changes things.

He just turned eight.

He has big boy adult teeth that are a little too big for his still little kid mouth.

He has to share his room with a baby. And doesn't complain.

He does third grade Math and fourth grade Language Arts. Even though he's supposed to be in second grade. He's my little Einstein.

Or my little Tesla. I haven't figured out which. Though he might also be a Jedi. Or a race car driver. Or an Astronaut. Or some other thing where you could build bombs and singe off eyebrows (his words, not mine).

And he's obsessed with the computer. And he loves his sisters. Even when they butt in on his photo shoot.

And years and years ago, he used to look like this.

Oh, where did my little baby go? Now, I have to say Happy Birthday, my (almost) Man.

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