Friday, May 7, 2010

Bestest Friends

Last night I took a break from sewing and dove into another thing I like to do: painting. I made a collection of painted wooden dolls for my girls almost two years ago. I call them Bestest Friends Dolls. They still love them.

I have probably two dozen of these little girls in various stages in a drawer in my sewing desk. I pull them out when I want a new project. They're made of a single wood turning. I hand paint them using non-toxic paints and finish them with a non-toxic varnish.

One thing I love about these girls is that each one is completely different from another. Though some are similar.

I love the rainbow of color on their dresses and the varied hues of their faces. Each is diverse, something that's hard to find in a lot of mainstream toys.

The new three I am almost done with only have eyes, not mouthes. My girls aren't too sure if they like this or not. I think it's great, that way they can decide the feelings of each as they play.

They're by no means perfect. It's tremendously hard to paint teeny on rounded surfaces, but I did my best and am pleased with each for their own reasons. It makes me happy to give my kids the variation in their toys. I hope it will blend into their lives. That they'll see the beauty in every person. That, while they might not look the same as them, they'll grow up to have a bestest friend.

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Fujisawa Rob said...

They are very cute.

A friend was complaining about how his wife stays at home and does nothing but watch TV. Both of their kids are school age. He said he'd be fine if she wanted to go to school instead of work, but she's not interested. It reminded me how lucky I am to have a wife that not only does an outstanding job educating our children, but is also very crafty, a gifted cook, and super mom! And getting to be a good farmer, too.