Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Beltane!

Today is May Day, or Beltane to some. While many in the world will be celebrating today, we're hosting a bbq later this month for friends and family instead. Nothing fancy, just a small Beltane fire, food, music and togetherness.

We might not be pulling out the revilry today but we're still honoring in other ways. I put my Moon Gazing Hare in the garden in rememberance of Flora. She'll sit and look towards the moon as a reminder of what has been lost, both now and in the future. The Hare brings with her the symbol of  growth, rebirth and abundance. Where else to put her but the garden? And what better day to initiate her to our family than May Day?

Merry May Day or Happy Beltane to you all!

*Our Hare was bought on Etsy From The Heart Creations and is gorgeous. We support Handmade and hope you will too.

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Kaylala said...

I love the Hare! Too precious...Happy Beltane to you too!