Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Slow Lunch and Yoga

I had my first low impact yoga class today. It was great! I love the instructor and the methods of the class. So, peaceful and centering. I pushed my body just enough to stretch the sore muscles. I could feel my body asking for more but I held it back, too worried I'd injure myself more. But the want is there, deep in. If I continue I can see myself getting really good. It made me want to start the free weights that are sitting under the couch again.

After, I headed to the store for a few things. We were out of real butter and fruit and I thought I'd grab lunch. Looking over the aisles I decided I wanted a Havarti and Arugula sammich. mmmm. With basil mayo. oh, yeah. So I grabbed some rolls from the deli, though they were out of wheat they were fresh baked today. Then strolling through the produce I went to get the lettuces.

Hey, I said to myself looking at the $3.29 bag, I can get that from the front yard.

Next on the list was basil for the mayo. Hey, again self, I said,  you have that too. And the tomatoes you need. Almost everything I needed for my lunch was sitting in my front yard. I could have made the bread and cheese too but it would have taken too long and I was hungry today.

On my way in to the house I stopped by my front yard grocery store and pulled off what I needed for lunch. The feeling that I didn't need to buy, the thought that I really could do this myself permeated through me. With a little planning the cheese and bread could be mine too. Mine. Something clicked inside me. Completing, maybe?

It was just such a perfect way to end the morning after the wonderfully gentle workout and delicious lunch I -mostly- made myself.

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