Monday, May 31, 2010

Seeds, sickness and Avatar

I've been sick since Thursday night. I'm throughly convinced it's one of those uber-mega-super bugs that ravages bodies for a ridiculous long time. Max has been sick since last Monday. I caught it from him, which is what happens when a virus incubator sleeps ontop of you for three nights. And vomits on you frequently. Which is okay. It's what mommies are for. But I'm a little disappointed that nothing much got done this three day weekend. Now, Olivia isn't feeling well. And so the cycle begins.

Before all this illness began I did order a Hydrofarm JSV2 2-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System to start some indoor seeds. I did an experiment with snap peas a few months back. One set of peas grew indoors, another outside. The indoor ones sprouted fast but their shoots were thin and stringy. The outside peas, while taking a good extra week and a half to sprout, were thick and stalky things that actually lived to produce quite a lot of snap peas. So, I've determined I have inadequate lighting for inside sprouting/growing. I read a lot of reviews on the light and think, for the price, it was a pretty good deal.

Today, I'm going to go rummage through the recycling and pull out the myriad of yogurt containers we have sitting about. Drill a hole in the bottom of each and set up my new grow light on the top shelf of the homeschool room. I don't know if I'll get to planting today, but its a start.

There are huge holes in the garden where things have run their course or didn't sprout. I've neglected tending things since Thursday save for just a few minutes outside to water and check things out. The tomatoes can probably be harvested but the stink bugs have been at them so I'm not sure what's salvageable there. Tomatoes are going to be a greenhouse plant in the future. I know there are some banana peppers growing and a new watermellon on the trellis that needs extra support. I'll know more when I get out there.

I'm not 100% today, probably more like 45% with it, but life with kids, and on a homestead (however meager) go on. Rabbits need nails trimmed, the dog needs a bath, garden needs tending and the house needs to be cleaned. I have today "off" from schooling the kids which is just an extra day for me to get it together. I've watched more TV over the past three days then I have in the past six months. It's boring. But I did finally figure out what Avatar was all about.

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