Thursday, May 13, 2010


I finally got a photo of myself that I didn't actually take by extending my arm as far as it would go and wildly shooting in my general direction. And then grimace at the results where 99.9% of the photos make me look like a moron. There are so few photos of me.

Which is alright, I guess. I'm not really that photogenic. Though it's a little strange that all our family outings are surprisingly vacant of a mother. I am absent from our memories. Every. Single. One. with very little exception. Why? because I'm usually the one frantically snapping photos of the kids as they run around doing incredibly cute and/or silly things. It's hard to be in photos when you're the one photoing.

I want them to have the memories. It's important to me to ensure that they grow to adults and have a good strong past to share with their spouses and children and grandchildren. There are very few photos of me as a child. They got lost along the way, through innumerous moves and downsizing. There are huge gaps in my childhood photos. I was a baby, toddler, school aged child and then pre-teen. Jumps in history with little connecting threads. So, as an adult and mother, I'm now overcompensating.

I take hundreds of photos of my kids a month. The only problem they'll have is to decided which month the snapshots were taken. I have them both printed and digital, at home and online, so there won't be an excuse to loose them.

I have photos of everything. Everything. And plenty of blackmail photos tucked away to ensure they treat me right when I'm the one that needs a diaper changed.

Life is good, even if I'm absent from the memories.


Betsy said...

I am in the same boat exactly. When I do let someone else do the photography - the pictures end up less than I would have hoped for. I actually get the best photos of myself when my 7 year old takes them. I like the photo you have posted. Great lighting.

Conny said...

That's a great photo of you, Crystal. While your children will naturally want photos of themselves when they grow older, they'll certainly want some of you too. :>) Maybe they'll buy you a mini-tripod to set your camera up on - then you can join in the action too.

Crystal said...

Betsy -thanks! Actually, my almost 7yo is the one that took it LOL

Conny- There are a few floating around here of me but not many. I probably get a photo of me 2x a year that's any good.

Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

I totally get what you are saying. When a camera is pointed in my general direction it is like I forget how to act like a natural person. The kid's photograph flawlessly, but with me it is super forced.