Friday, May 21, 2010

Recycled modular decking -phase 2

The last of the boards have been secured to the pallets (though I ran out of scews, they're attached in the center and are stable and sturdy for now). We're having some people over for a bbq tomorrow so this is it for now. Eventually, I'd like to add at least 2 more pallets to the right side end.

We had an old bale of hay from months ago sitting on the side so I used that to spread over the walkway between the house and our property fence line. It was just weeds (which are still poking out of the hay) and bare dirt.

Total costs:

7 Pallets $10 (5 @ $2, 2 free)
Extra Wood $12 ( we had some laying around from other projects and we bought some cull lumber and got 10% off for being military)
Screws $4 (we already had these on hand but if you didn't...)
3 Chairs $48 ($16 a piece at Lowes)
3 Pillows $2.97 (.99 at IKEA)
Table we've had this one for years so I'm not sure I think I paid $10 new for it
Bug repellant coil holder .65 at thrift store

TOTAL $87.62 for approx 84 sq ft of deck/walkway space and all the fun extras

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