Monday, May 24, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

For the most part, I look forward to Mondays. It's the start of the new school week. It's laundry day, which with the gorgeous weather, my new lines outside, my new deck and my discovery of Soap Nuts has turned a chore into a task. Big difference. It's also the day that I mentally map out projects that need to get done around the house both in the homestead, school room and sewing studio.

Yesterday, I made a test batch of these Crayon Wallets

Which the girls just love to pieces. So, now I have a new project to stock in my Etsy store.

Today is also the first day after the Sunday mail hiatus. I love mail. I got a lot of mail today.  Last week I got a custom order request for five of the block toy bags in my shop. The fabric I need to make them came today along with size tags for the pants I want to make this week, cell phone lanyard things to make Lego brick zipper pulls, the Zorb and organic bamboo for cloth mama pads and some Pul for wet bags. I also got the organic bamboo cotton jersey knit to make yoga-esque pants. And to top it off, I got another Starbucks Free Drink reward coupon. Nice!

So far the kids are behaiving relatively well, the garden is looking good even if there were a few stink bugs on the tomatoes and other than Max being a little sick, we're all fairly healthy and are recovering from a fabulous weekend of a barbeque on Saturday that turned the kids from this:

To this:

And a wonderful Children-led church service on Sunday.

Where they had the fabulous idea of putting on a play. Where they didn't have any lines. Or any mud.

Here, here for good weekends and even better Mondays!

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