Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabric Overload

I have admitted before that I have a little issue with hoarding fabric. It's a teeny issue really. I mean just because some nights we can't use the dining room table because I have fabric strewn on top isn't that big a deal. Right? Or the baskets of fabric under said table that prevent the kids from fully pulling up to it, isn't anything to worry about. I mean they have little legs, they don't need that much room anyway. Really, those pieces of potential could make us money once I get around to actually making something out of them. Really.

I was doing well. Truly. I was keeping my fabric purchases to a bare minimum getting just what I needed to finish a certain project. Until a few weeks ago. Oh, that fateful day! When my absolute favorite quilting store got flooded and sent an emergency message to all on their emailing list. The entire fabric collection in the entire store was forty. percent. off.

They needed help. They were asking me to help them out of this horrible situation. What was I to do?

But they closed at five and Rob didn't get home until almost six. I was twitchy sitting here, telling myself it didn't matter. I didn't need the fabric that I would never ever find at such a deep discount anywhere ever again. I didn't need Alexander Henry or Amy Butler's perfectly coordinating threads that would go with the current project I was working on. Oooh! And what about all those other projects I could make with everything else I could finally afford? It didn't help that I had gone so long without designer fabric purchases. It didn't help that we had just gotten paid, either. But Max was asleep and it was already 3:30. I couldn't wake him up to shuck three kids around a teeny fabric store that was sure to be jam packed with other fabric enthusiasts. Could I? Maybe.... No. No, that's not gonna happen.

The providence stepped in. Rob got off early and waltzed through the door not even five minutes after I overrode my internal hoarder. If that wasn't a sign I was supposed to go then I don't know how else to interpret that. So, I went. And I fell off the wagon. Hard.

I admit defeat at the hands of an amazing sale. I actually did better (read: less worse) than I thought I was going to. But the floodgates have opened and last night I spent an hour refolding and rearranging the fabric stash. It's funny how I look at something, even bought years before, and remember what I wanted to do with it. Which project whatever fabric was destined for. So, I'm working hard to actually get those projects completed. Heck, I've already sold one quilt and have a few things listed in my etsy store.

Today, I work on finishing another project that's been sitting around. Today, I'll use more of my stash. Today, I'll try to minimize my fabric overload. It's the best I can do.


Conny said...

Crystal, you are so funny! My mother-in-law's fabric stash turned into a quilt store ~ she had taken over so many closets at home with fabric, she wound up opening up her own quilt store ~ she even teaches quilting at her own store. That's a habit turned into a business.

Kaylala said...

LOL...I love how you felt compelled to "rescue" the fabric and provide refuge for it in the shop owners time of need...

Crystal said...

Conny- I would love to have an online fabric store and a place to do classes and stuff. But that's one of those things, I think that is "if I had enough time/money/space" things.

Kayla- I am very people oriented. I like to help wherever I can ;)