Saturday, May 8, 2010

Snack Attack

We like snacks. Sometimes entire meals are made up of snacking foods. The other day I made crispy kale. I hadn't tried it before but it sounded good (and it is, by the way). I cooked it a bit too long though and it was really crispy. So, I decided to crunch it up and sprinkle it on my popcorn. mmmmm. What a treat!

My friend Chellie had posted on FaceBook (because this is the only place I ever interact with people and I'm really addicted to human contact) that she liked those little reusable ziplock type bags but they were kinda pricey. So, I made her some. And made me some, too. Emmy loves them. They hold our dear snacks.

Emmy? Can mommy have one?

Um, not likely.

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