Sunday, May 16, 2010


I've been a project making fool this past week with actual completion. Now that I've had two sales in my Etsy store I'm all eager to get more stuff listed. I finished two quilts earlier this week.

I made all the quilt blocks for Olivia's birthday quilt yesterday. I'm trying out this new method of quilt as you go but modified a bit. I made the squares first and then sewn them onto the individual batting squares. This is the largest quilt I've ever made. It's just smaller than a twin.

I'd like to make quilts for all the kids eventually. I'm really bad about making stuff for other people or for sale and my kids get the shaft. I have to get a flat sheet for the backing, sew the squares to themselves and do a binding. I might, if it seems too small, add a boarder before finishing it off.

I have another quilt (that was supposed to be for sale but I messed up on a portion so it's mine now, but I think that was subconcious since I really want that quilt anyway) that needs to have the last of the binding finished which I'll be taking to church with me today to do.

I finished up the zippy bags, all seven of them, for the store too and one already sold!

The pallets have been finished except for the very last one and a  portion of another. I have to knock off a few boards that are cracked. I'm going to put up a tutorial on how to stream line the process along with the finshed results soon. Though, I'd like to get at least a replacement pallet (or more) before I completely "finish".

I also made eight pints of strawberry jam syrup, read three books, bought new laundry lines and visited the aquarium with a friend and her daughter.


whew! Can't wait to see how productive I'll be this week!

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