Friday, May 21, 2010

A Homesteader's View

This is a view I see a lot throughout my day; The area in and around the kitchen sink. It's where a lot of little things happen.

It's where I check the laundry.
I check the temperature that's attached to the window which helps me determine if I need to go out and cool down the rabbits or if I should wait to go out to the garden.
It's where I rinse the veggies and fruits (see the strainer of blueberries on the left?)
It's where I get the water for my cold brew non-electric coffee maker (far left).
I keep the bagbalm there at the ready on the windowsil.
I handwash stoneware, cast iron pans and large-family-sized pizza sheets right in those tubs.

It's where a multitude of things happen throughtout the day that, though they aren't unique really when seperate, combine to shape the view of my homesteading journey.

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