Friday, October 16, 2009

My name is Crystal and I'm addicted to fabric.

There's the first step for you. I know I have a problem. I'm addressing the problem. I have no desire to really rectify the problem though. Which is a problem.

I hoard fabric. I can't go to the thrift store without pouring over their old lady smelling remnants looking for that one perfect find. I can't go to the chain fabric store either without making a serious dent in my checking account. Even is a trap for my addiction taunting me with hard to find prints. Currently, I have a closet bursting with fabrics egging me on to make them something special.

I think the reason I lust over fabric is the potential. Turning that eye catching print into something even if, the majority of the time, I have no idea what that might be. Not all fabrics are alike. There are many prints out there I look at and say "Dear god." wondering what on Earth someone would do with such a hideous pattern. But to each their own and in fabric there are always some for all.

This past year I've been on a quilting kick. Having a machine that is designed for it helps but isn't necessary though it was the catalyst to get me interested. Those quilts used to look daunting. Sitting in the quilting store laughing at me and my feeble attempt to figure out how they put the darned thing together. I started out simple and like to think I've gotten quite good even if the binding is digging in its heels and refusing to let me figure out how to make it perfect.

I like the ability in quilting to join together even the teeniest fabric scraps into a creation that amuses the eyes and cuddles the soul. It's my new joy. I still find small snippets of time to give to my first passion, sewing clothes but quilting has trumped it for now.

I yearn for the day I have a studio and my future dress form, Susan (yes, I've already named her) would greet me and encourage me. I already have my workstation and fabric storage picked out from IKEA. How's that for fueling the addiction?

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