Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bug Update

They're aphids and white flies. Conny, send me your address and I'll send you a prize for correctly identifying those horrid beasts. I can't be in denial any longer. I have to stand up and fight.


I told hubby about them last night and his response was "Well, they're not on your garden. Maybe they don't like your type of plants." I'd laugh if I wasn't so damn sad. On closer inspection, they'd already hatched on the single beefsteak tomato vine that is just now recovering from the frost that reduced the cherry tomato to a crumbling string of brown lifelessness a few weeks ago. The scant few leaves it does have can't afford to be hindered.


Yesterday on Amazon I ordered a ladybug house, lure and 1500 bugs. I had called Feed Depot to see if by any chance they had them. They do sell them but are awaiting a shipment in two weeks time. Two weeks can make or break my garden if those little buggers are allowed to run rampant over those newly developing plants. The broccoli is getting ready to flower, I can feel it.

the aforementioned broccoli

I want that broccoli more than my morning coffee -the sustainance on which my day depends. If I have to fight for it, by God those bugs better watch out, find someone that doesn't care as much as I do. The photos on here are all things from the garden I've captured as of this past week. These are reminders of what I'm going to the matresses over. I've got a year of gardening under my belt. I'm not officially off the Green spectrum (probably more of an Asparagus than the bright Kelly Green of last year) but I won't sit idly by and watch them wreak havoc, inept and inexperienced with how to handle things. Groping wildly at ellusive gardening know-how to overcome something I hadn't experienced before.

snap peas
If the ladybugs don't hang around I have a backup plan. I'll grab another few thousand from Feed Depot when they come in and bust out the orange oil and plant soap. It's not over till it's over, and even then I'll come back for more. I'll try again and again till I get it figured out even if my heart breaks madly over the loss. I'll fight for my tiny plot of farm with everything I've got.

meyer lemon blossoms

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