Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Garden Grows

I realized I haven't posted much about my garden since we had the influx of aphids. So, here is one. As far as I can tell, the ladybugs did the trick. I haven't seen damage in the garden. The weather has been consistently getting warmer, a sure sign those hot summers are quickly round the bend. The strawberries and broccoli are loving the weather.

Which means I think I might even get in a small harvest fairly soon. Though I have to look up the correct time to harvest broccoli, some has gone to flower so I think I messed up... The blueberries aren't ripening as quickly as I think they should so there's another thing on the list to check. Perhaps they'd do well with some sort of fertlizer? or not?

These are the zucchini I started from seeds. They're doing really well. Again, a lot of hope that I'll be shopping for produce in my front yard in the next few months.

The new tomato plants are flowering and this one has some little guys already. They're really close to the ground though so I'm a little concerned they won't make it. The three tomato plants really, really, really love the bunny poop I've been shoveling around them every other week or so. Duncan's earning his keep. Speaking of the bunny, he's getting a shave as soon as I work up the nerve to do it. soon.

The fig has new growth as do the romaine. The lower right corner is the size I bought them at (why those two aren't thriving I'm not sure. Again, mental note to check that.).

Speaking of growth (the segues just keep a'comin'!) Leeloo is getting huge. Well, huge for a puppy. When we got her the last weekend in February she was about eight pounds. Now she's about thirteen. Using a Tonka Truck as reference (is there any better way?) here are her before and now.

And just because this isn't loaded with enough photos...

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Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

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