Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Sew Sew

Lately, just about every blog post has been about homeschooling or homesteading. Both of which are admirable and enjoyable but not all I'm about. I have crafting in my heart. More accurately: Sewing. Its ingrained, its part of my DNA. I think if I was X-Rayed they'd find 100% cotton multipurpose thread blocking an artery. But I've become wayward with my passion and recently started feeling sew sew.

I want to create again. I want to see the product of hours of work. I want to have fat cuddly babies nestled in plush quilts that I made.

What spurred on this sudden need for pins, rotary cutters and see through rulers? I saw my cousin's fat, cuddly, cute-as-can-be newborn baby nestled in a plush quilt I made. It fed my addiction. I want more. More babies, more plush, more cuddles. My own babies are getting a bit too big for the crib sized quilts I enjoy making. I need to find other babies to force my quilts on. Strongarm their mama's into cuddling them in cottony goodness.

*One adorable baby

The fabric is there, calling to me. Asking me, pleading to be one of the chosen to have the opportunity to rub up against silk soft baby skin. I walk past my machine every day, multiple times a day and get the craving to just sit down and sew.

But life isn't that easy or that accomodating. For now, I have to be content with what I have and that is very little time for sewing persuits. Very little room when I do get the chance. And very loud fabric calling to my addiction.

*Photos courtsey of my cousin up in New Hampshire and her adorable baby girl who happens to be in an outfit that matches her blankie :)


Kaylala said...

I've been itching to sew too...but I couldn't possibly sit down and "waste" time on something like that when other things beckon me as dirty dishes...or the ferrets cage...but yet I can find time to read blogs, browse craftster, or update my

Crystal said...

I have time for things like that too, but I think it's because it's easy to put down at a moments notice. Little sticky fingers won't ruin or run off with Mafia Wars or Farmville. Getting out my sewing and taking the time to organize, find where I left off and then actually be productive while still having time to then pack it up again is the most challenging. My sewing table is about 18" from the diningroom table...which also acts as my cutting counter :)