Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh no, no, no, no, no

Please tell me these aren't what I think they are??? Please, I'm begging you!

Click to enlarge and please please comment and tell me what they are!

I knew it was too good to be true. That I'd get off bringing in produce for a few more months, before the warm/hot weather really hit and in conjunction the myriad of horrendous bugs.

All just a few scant feet from this.

And this.

There are THOUSANDS, nay, MILLIONS of these...things on a thirty foot length of six foot high bushes that go back a few feet to the fence. Every sunkissed set of leaves is coated. Every shady under-leaf is inhabitated. My heart is heavy. I feel like I swallowed a lead ball. The only saving glory here are this pair of ladybugs furiously munching away.

But just how many of these little bastards can the ladybugs possibly consume?

The less spotted bug was dashing crazily about in her/him/its* attempt to gorge on the hatching buggies.
The one sporting heavy spots was just hanging out like life was his -for some reason this bug felt like a him- buffet. Eat on my garden companions!

It makes me wonder though, just how many can they eat? Can these two fattening bugs the size of the tip of my pinkie even make a dent? Will it even matter, as the bugs grow and descend on my garden once again? I am heartsick, people. Truly.

*After watching "Bugs Life" I find myself awkwardly trying to be PC when it comes to ladybugs. I need them desperately, so I try not to offend.


Chellie said...

My guess (from googling): Sucking Insects


Description. These are small, soft-bodied insects with a wide color range varying from green to black.
Injury. The aphids remove plant juices, causing the leaves to curl and turn yellow. They may cause a failure of bloom set in tomatoes.

Plants Attacked. Aphids attack most vegetables, but they tend to cause more damage to peas, okra, mustard, cabbage, and turnips.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE! when you find out for sure, post again. I had these on my plants last year and A) searched forever with no 100% answer and B) could NOT get rid of them. they ended up destroying everything.

Conny said...

Da*g, Crystal. Those are definitely aphids and white flies. We get both here all the time. Yes, lady bugs are busy but can't take on a plant that's overwhelmed. Have you tried an insecticidal soap? Even a weak solution of dishwashing soap in water should help - it dries out the aphids waxy skin. I've gotten aphids on rose buds and leaves before. If you've got tough plants, even a strong stream of water will wash most of them away.

Good luck. I'll check back here tomorrow to see if you have an update. ~ Conny