Thursday, December 17, 2009

Maybe it's not so bad.

Yesterday I posted about my prolific tomatoes. At the time I had guestimated two dozen. I hadn't actually counted them. To be honest, I thought I was exaggerating a little. So, today I went out, armed with camera, to take a photo of these quickly ripening gems Total count, folks? Thirty seven. And that's including three Beefsteaks. Holy cow. This past year I collected about that much though the entire season. I counted myself lucky to have gotten those wee cherry 'matos to fill a pint box my very first year on my singular vine. At some point that vine is going to get it's very own post with me being all existential.

After the summer of fighting those damnable shield bugs -whom I still have nightmares about chasing me- then getting hit with the stink bugs, nearly drowning and then scortching in the drought I had pretty much thrown in the towel for the year. I still tend the garden but it doesn't take near as long and there's not much happening. At least until recently.

Lo and behold, Florida has a winter growing season. With all my loudly vocalized annoyance with the heat, I bite my tounge when I lay eyes on those container gardens. So far we've had fair rain and sunny days. Sometimes the wind gets a bite in it. But the thing I relish most is the lack of those bastard bugs. Yeah, it's hot here. Yeah, everything is still green and probably always will be, but hell, maybe I'll just have to swallow down the bitching avid complaining with my iced tea because heck if I'm not over the moon about it.

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