Friday, March 12, 2010

Script Frenzy

I just signed up to participate in April's Script Frenzy. 30 days, 100 pages. I've never written a script before. I've never even read one. Though providence stepped in for this one. Damned if I'm not gonna listen to her.

Two days ago, while driving back from the store, something I've grown to despise, I got an idea for a movie. Well, first off it was a book idea, since that's my first resource, but I didn't think I could adequately portray what I was envisioning with words. It's hard to capture small nuances of feeling on pages. So, the idea started developing but I had no real way to get it down. A friend of mine's husband just made a movie though. Maybe I could too? Not saying it'd be any good, or even get shot (shooted?) but I could write one, yes?

Pieces of it, a scene or a piece of music that might fit, started to form in my brain during the five minute drive home.

It sat there, fermenting on the dark edges of thought. Today I got an email from Chris Baty reminding me of Script Frenzy. Huh, how funny things work in the world.

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