Monday, March 22, 2010

I need help

For all of you readers, I need a little help. I have seemed to have created two blogs, which, at their births were independent of each other. But as, we move forward with our dreams of moving to a farm, I'm caught with an issue: updating two blogs with virtually the same information.

Both blogs have followers. Albiet, not that many but I do want to be conciencious of those that are interested in our little lives over here. I don't want to shut one down, focusing primarily on the other. I'd like to somehow merge the two. I just don't know how.

So for the help I'm in need of, if anyone can suggest ways to merge them into one new one, possibly with an archives to the other blogs which I will keep open, or transfer the posts to a new one I'm all ears and open to any ideas.

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April said...

For now the only solution I can come up with is move the posts from one blog (copying and pasting each one) to the other. I would probably move the smaller blog and maintain the larger one.