Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I got an Award and so did they

This has taken me forever to post. It's not that I've forgotten, I haven't but somehow it just didn't make it to a post yet. Christephie over at Sprouting Flowers nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger "award" back in February.  Getting this notice in my comments (getting comments makes me giddy) made me really happy. It's nice to be noticed for my small contribution to the internet ether.

I've read some stuff online of other people recieving this nomination, mostly people feel this is a "chain letter' type thing. The rules for the initial recipients could make it seem that way, I suppose. Except there is no dire warning or empty promise of luck or love attached if you fail to follow through. In all honesty, I could have accepted the acknowledgment with a tip of the hat and merrily went on my way. One of the reasons I haven't posted this yet was because I didn't know what I was going to do with it. Nominate or not? Walk away with a smile that someone likes me (they really like me!) or lead on with the trend and show others I really like them?

To me, this is a "pay it forward" type of thing. Like giving someone a hug and they hug another in return. Or paying for the guy behind you in the toll booth. Just a little random act of kindness that doesn't cost anymore than a few minutes of my time. I'm all for kindness.

So, without further explaination, here are four blogs I nominate for Kreativ Blogger and why. (in no particular order)

1. A Mountain Hearth - for her incredible nature themed crafts
2. Mystic Orb - for their amazing woodworking skills and homesteading handicrafts
3. Trina's Doings - for her inspiration and tutorials and her super cute quilts
4. Twenty-one Tomatoes - for her food, her sewing, her gardening and her many thumbs-ups

There are many others out there that inspire and stir me. You've not been forgotten and your blogs are not any less important to me. To those that have been nominated this round (if I get it again by some happenstance, I'll choose four new blogs), and want to play along, just right click on the photo above and save to your computer.

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