Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eat Right Cards - Product Review

I placed a fairly large homeschool supply order when we got our tax return this past February. I love going to Rainbow Resource for my school supplies. They have a great, enormous selection and free shipping with a $150 order (or sometimes less when they have a sale). I can get just about everything the local Lakeshore Learning store sells but at discounted prices. They even have bargain books, slightly damaged -usually it's just the cover that's a bit messed up, sometimes I can't even tell- for even less than the normal low price.

When I order from them it takes me at least a few days of perusing the store to find when I ultimately end up buying. I've been trying to get things that I can do with all the kids for science, history, geography, foreign language, social studies and the like so I just have to individualize math and language arts. Looking for stuff to suppliment our Health Science box I came across these Eat Right Cards.

Yesterday I pulled them out and we played two raucous games together. The kids loved seeing who's snack had the most "nutrition points" or "junk factor". They built meals in a go-fish-like game. And after, they played grocery store and restaraunt with them on their own.

From a parental point of view, they are a decent set of cards. I'm pleased with the kids enthusiasm over the game and also their ability to know what a healthy choice is. The meal building is a great way to teach balance considering my kids think eating all their peas at dinner is "enough" to earn a snack. These cards show in vivid color why it's not. I'd have liked to see a bit more variety and instructions on using them for vegetarian meals and more variety for the "meat" like legumes. They have complex instructions for "advanced" meal building with calorie counting and food measurements but are easily adaptable to younger kids.

Checking out the site they do have additional instructions and also a board game which looks like fun. Even for the suggested retail price of $5 (less than $4 on RR) this is a good addition to a health science curriculum that spans multiple grade levels.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the recommendation of the Rainbow Resource Center. I need to build up some more homeschooling stuff for when JJ starts Kindergarten next year. :) You rock!

Crystal said...

I really love that store. Around xmas they had free shipping on any $25 or more order and they do a monthly drawing for a gift card if you submit reviews of products.