Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another set of "Oh no"

The puppy is sick. Still pooping worms. We came home at ten last night to a diarreah explosion all over the beadboard wall behind her crate. We freaked out she ate grapes and feverously researched that for about half an hour. Rob and I both searching on both our computers at the same time. Its something that can kill her. Then thought maybe it was the little sample of free food we got from Tractor Supply (which we will NOT be feeding her again).

The bunny isn't eating. Two days and he hasn't more than touched his pellets. I've been putting off shaving him. Now I'm worried I really messed up by not. He's got mats in his fur which we've been slowly cutting out but it's been cold. I don't want him to be too cold by taking away too much fur. Now I think he has wool block. Something that can kill him.

The feedstore isn't open today either so I can't go get anything for either of them. I have some worm meds for the pup but she was just dewormed just over 2 weeks ago and then the week before that. I have to see if she can have it already. The bunny is getting slices of banana with the skins which he will eat which is hopeful.

Scared I'll be losing my animals.

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April said...

Hi, Diatamaceous Earth is supposed to be an effective wormer. It is a powder you can get at the feedstore, just sprinkle a little on the pup's food for a few days.

Give the rabbit as much hay as he will eat. Papaya (fresh or papaya tablets) is also good for wool block. Are you sure its wool block? You can tell by checking his poop - is it strung together by hair? Is he drinking? Rabbits will not eat if they aren't getting water. You can try giving him bread or oats as well.