Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lead Foot

It seems my hiatus from sewing has come to an end. Over the past two days I've been a quilting fiend. I've cranked out twenty 8.5" mod lincoln block squares and started piecing them together this morning.

It's a Space Robots theme and I'm in love with it.

So in love, in fact, that I think I might have to make Max one. The colors match the boy's room and it's a lot larger than the seven quilts he has now in rotation.

I actually do have enough fabric for another. Which is a temptation and excuse to go ahead and do it. The back will be blue raised dot minky a dark color like some of the solid blue blocks. The background is an orangy-yellow kinda between the dark orange and yellow spectrum. I was going to do an orange binding but I think I'm going to piece together an edge using all the different fabrics.

I'm giving this one away to a friend that has a friend that has a baby boy. I'm trying to spread word of mouth on my products and gain some much needed practice. I need to have a couple quilt tops done to take this two hour private lesson at the local quilt shop so I can get better at binding. I really need to master those corners before I set up quilts in a shop asking on the other side of fifty dollars a piece (depending on size, cost of fabric and difficulty, I do try and be reasonable). This Space Robots is closer to a toddler size. I'd probably ask about $85 for it completed.

This is the other quilt top I have ready to go to the class.

It's a simple stacked coins pattern using a single charm pack and cream colored flannel as the background. This one will have a dark chocolate minky background and pink or blue binding, haven't decided which yet.

I used a meandering machine quilting technique for attaching the top to the 100% natural cotton batting. It too is going to be given away as soon as someone claims it. In my store this one would probably go for $55. It's closer to a crib size.

I have another friend that had posted her want of some reusable snack bags (to replace ziplocks) but the price was too high for her (yeah, $8 a piece is a little silly). So, I talked her into letting me make her some. So I'm sketching out ideas for a grown-up washable lunch kit for her too.

After so long away I forgot what it's like to sit down and create something from nothing. It's satisfying to complete projects and see my ideas come together. Plus, I got to go to the fabric store last night. I think I might go to a different one today. Oh, I can feel the fabric monkey slowly easing his weight on my back already.

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