Friday, April 2, 2010

Fingers and Sometimes Toes Redux

Here's another art and/or gifting idea. I made this when my third child was just a newborn, she turned five in February. I gifted it to my hubby for Father's Day. I'm not a big sentimental person when it comes to gift giving or even card exchanging on holidays. I'm also inconsistent which is why this is the only one we have. Sorry, other two kids. Maybe I'll get my act together at some point and do another with all of them.

The oldest two kids, almost three and almost two at the time, contributed their hand prints in any random place they decided to put them.  I only helped by making sure they used an opened hand.

I used a hard backed canvas and acrylic, washable, paint in a variety of colors. We used one to two colors at a time, wiping off hands before the next color application so it didn't turn into a huge brown gooey mess. At the very end each child put on a single red handprint and baby Cordelia added her tiny foot print. I had it professionally framed without glass (which was recommended by the framing person).

I see this every day and sometimes take a moment to remember that day. It was fun. I remember holding a tiny Cordi in my arms and that she really didn't like her foot squishing in the paint. I remember the kids going ape over being able to come in full body contact with paint. I like the unique gift we made for Rob and I think he appreciates it too. Sometimes we compare their hand prints to how big they are now and it always pulls tears from my eyes.

Just another idea for any of you looking for easy, inexpensive gift ideas that also contain a wealth of memories and emotions.


Anonymous said...

Cute idea. Brought back memories of when my kids were little (all have families of their own now). Found your blog awhile back; enjoy reading it. Have you read chickens in the road and down---to---earth blogs? - J

Kaylala said...

I did this with my son, Malachi, when he was much smaller...I still keep the papers he imprinted.. :) It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Fujisawa Rob said...

Max likes it too, he likes to look at it.