Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Today is the recognized celebration of Earth Day. That photo up there our slice of the Earth. It's funny to think back ten, fifteen, twenty years at the person I was and how far my conscious has travelled the cosmos since. Even five years ago I wasn't who I am now. When we bought our current house, which is a fixer-upper, I won't lie and say that those cookie cutter houses didn't look appealing. They did. Though somewhere in my essence I knew that it wasn't what I wanted. We wanted trees, quirk and history.

Ten years ago I didn't think there was anything grander than a HOA. Fifteen years ago I loved apartment living. Stacked and bordered, gated and secured. Funny how all that changes.

As we research and develop our ideas out on paper and through discussion, more than not our conculsions take us into the realm of what is considered Earth Friendly. Off-grid water, rain collection, recycled building, renewable energy. All those things that people come out to support on Earth Day will be our home Every Day. There will probably be more work but it will be honest, fulfilling. The rewards that much sweeter tainted with our blood and sweat.

It's not for everyone, the life we're planning out, but our little slice of Earth is calling to us. I hear it from all these miles away, beconing for me to come, treat it right and learn what how we can work together.

Happy Earth Day to you, my friends. Celebrate and cherish it well.

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