Saturday, April 17, 2010

My shoddy Rabbit shaving job

It was time. I had put it off long enough. Made excuses as to why I couldn't get to it but honestly, with the eighty degree temps we've been consistently having, there was need. Duncan got a shave. If there was ever a testament as to how green a homesteader I am, it is the terribly sad looking bunny in my backyard hutch.

Before (and add about 2 more months of winter coat growth to that)

What a pretty bunny! So soft and fluffy! Angora coats can get really long and need much attention. So, true to my nature, I had to screw up and let him get matted. My homesteading skills don't just happen overnight, I have to overcome myself before I can learn anything.



And he's still not done. He also looks a lot skinnier now too.  And you can see his back feets.

I still have some more to do (obviously). Tomorrow, I'll work on him again and then put him in the baby gate yard thing to play while I clean out his cage. The clippers that I have didn't work really at all other than to freak him out. So, I used my fingers as a guard against his skin and some 2" scissors to clip him. It was quite a process and thirty minutes later we have the very unattractive looking bunny above.

Another thing I've learned through this process...

Bunny wool gets everywhere. (click to enlarge).

It somehow made it to the front yard, the livingroom and I even found a tuft upstairs.

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Kaylala said...

You'll get better at it! It takes practice I'm son looked like the halfway shaved bunny above, after I cut his hair for the first time. Not a whole lot of improvement on my part...I have faith in you though!