Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've been so very wrong

Almost three decades have gone by and I have been ignorant. Raised on a notion that what I believed was true was actually false, misleading. Whether those responsible knew of their misconceptions, I know not. But the damage has been done. My eyes are open now and I can't wait to explore this new realization.

This is the truth I held, that this image below was the only thing to be called a Macaroon.

And now I find that this is also a Macaroon*.

Oh, dear Confectionary Gods I am down on my knees repentant! I have been blinded by my ignorance! I should have known there was more than one way to make a macaroon and as penance for my lack of faith in your sugary all reaching power, I will now go on a pilgrimage to find these rainbow sandwich macaroons and consume them in thy name. Let no man call me a disbeliever.

*thank you Wiki for the photos and just to let everyone know the green one is really called a Macaron but it seems the terms are interchangable in America. At least among us lay-people.

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