Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homeschool and Haircuts

I cut his hair.

This morning we've accomplished quite a bit. Three loads of laundry have been sorted, the boys clothes are put away as are mine and Rob's. I changed the sheets on my bed. Another load of laundry is washing and yet another is out on the line. Most of the girls homeschool is done and Alex is finishing up the last of today. I've also been dressed, put out recycling, fed some animals, played fetch with Leeloo, tended the garden and tidied the livingroom. Oh, and the boys also got haircuts. Not bad for 10:24am.

One thing I do quite love about homeschooling is the flexibility. I did all that but didn't get dressed until 8:30. I didn't bother taking my hair down until ten. I'm still in my slippers. The ability to do something that needs to be done, like empty the dishwasher, can be combined with something else, like listening to Alex read aloud while one girl gets dressed and makes her bed, another works on handwriting while the baby eats breakfast. It's a glorious thing when it comes together.

Sometimes it's frustrating. Those kids don't necessarily want to do the things set out before them. The baby might be cranky and clingy, as he is today. Someone might need a diaper changed while I'm working on Math with an older kid. I might get a phone call or there might be a spill that needs immediate cleaning. It's not all fun and games having every kid here every minute of every day. Then there are days like today.

Its a wonderous dance on these days where needs and wants gently collide into completion.  I have to remember to appreciate the fact that I can do laundry while my kids are learning, can give them a break by taking them out the back door to shave their hair, then send them back to work while I finish moving loads.

The waltz of a homeschool mom is a demanding and quick. We might stumble over steps or forget them all together but on days like this you can verily hear the notes in the air as we glide gracefully to the music of our lives.


Kaylala said...

I cut my kiddo's hair the other day...Do you ever find glitter on one of your boys' scalp? ...I did....I thought it was

Crystal said...

As much as we have glittered things here, I can't recall ever finding it on a boy :)