Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Monday

Mondays don't bother me like they do some people. Probably because I'm not stuck like a slave in a overworked and underpaid job...oh, wait. Well, anyway, I don't mind Mondays.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I finished a new quilt that I actually started yesterday afternoon using some of the those hundreds of squares I cut on Thursday. It took me about seven hours total.

I'm really pleased with the way the backing and binding came out this time. I've gotten some request from my FaceBook friends to make some quilts for their babies and kids. It's exciting but nerve wracking. I still see all the errors, though few they may be. I'm working up to listing some things on our Etsy store. I ordered some fabric labels which will take a bit to get here so I'm using that as an excuse not to list anything yet. Though I know it's me that's holding myself back. I have a yellow/orange and a green quilt set up to make from those same squares.

I have no escape from the kids am carless again today. Rob's Isuzu is giving him issues so he's been taking mine for all of last week and now this one. I have been drowning myself in sewing in hopes to draw my attention from the fact I'm stuck in the house. Even if I never go anywhere, it's the option -or lack of- that bothers me.

We're not sure if we're going to make it up to the land this weekend like we planned considering he has to go to two weeks of Guard Duty and has to have a car (and not my car). This coming weekened might be another two days of Rob getting his car put back together.

We did manage to get a generator off craigslist for about half the price and it's brand new in the box! Rob set it up and it works just perfect. I used a coupon and picked up two magnolia trees from Home Depot buy one get one free. They also had B1G1F seeds (including organic!) so I stocked up big time. I shouldn't need to ever buy seeds again (unless I can't help myself from picking up those pretty little packages -and find another great deal). The trees will go to the land and start the border from the neighbors.

We had a helluva thunderstorm last night. It was insane. The thunder was a constant rumble and the lighting was striking tens of times a minute. Ask anyone in the Central Florida area, if they were awake at 12am they'll tell you I'm not exaggerating. It woke me up and I had a terrible gut feeling that the bunnies needed me. I've been in ultra paranoia mode since Flora and check on those guys psychotically. I ran downstairs barefoot in my jammies and donned a towel over my head put in place with a clothes line clip, another over my shoulders and a few extra clips to secure a shower curtain to the front of the hutches. Conner hasn't been in a storm before. This was an extreme introduction to hutch life. I worried he'd give himself a tiny heart attack over the craziness. I covered the cages with the shower curtain, cooing to my babies as I went. I came back in and layed in bed, scared to my marrow of the raging storm. A feeling I haven't experienced since I was a child. I finally floated into a disturbing sleep sometime around two.

This morning the world is sighing in pleasure over the raucous night time events. Everything is alive, wet and happy. The birds seem louder, more exhuberant. The leaves and grass are practically neon. The sky is a pure clean sheet of blue. And the rabbits are alive. I couldn't ask for more than that. Today will be a good day, regardless of its place in the week.

So, on with Monday!


Kaylala said...

Oh HAI! I work for Home Depot (and have for waaaay too long, therefore I hate We will honor a 10% military discount (especially if the Lowes in that area does it)...Just and FYI :)

Crystal said...

Yes I did use my discount on the sale stuff (isn't applicable for the coupon) but didn't want to boast that I got the extra 10% off my seeds to those that can't get it :)