Thursday, April 29, 2010

I don't know how they do it

Today, I have no motivation. None whatsoever. It's completely absent from every molecule of my person and my general surrounding area. Someone out there is getting my dose of motivation. I hope they do good with it. I actually got up, took a shower and put on clean jammies after (don't judge) which shows how unmotivated I am.

I think I used up my alloted forward flowing energies over the past two weeks. I've been overcompensating for my lack of outings. Cabin fever has turned into Crystal-going-bananas-in-the-house-and-doing-a-shitload-of-projects-she-shouldn't-even-contemplate-starting in order to forget that I don't have a car or any hope for escape or the ability to get errands done. I know I definately over did it yesterday. Maybe my body is fluxing with the overwork.

Yesterday, was just flat out A Very Busy Day. I'm not used to driving around like a crazy person getting all the things done in one day that I hadn't been able to do for almost two weeks since I am still carless. But, I had to drive Rob to work to get the car to take the kids to their first ever homeschool class at the Science museum. (I thought interspercing my posts on how busy I was with some lovely soothing nature photos I took in the butterfly gardens would help offset my bitching. Is it working?)

Then, I had to get groceries we were getting a little bare. Threw Max down for a ridiculously small nap when we got home before chucking everyone back into the car for this two hour session. (The class was great though, the kids loved it and I'd do it again.) I tossed everyone back into the van after for a trip to go snatch Rob back up.

An hour later (yes, literally an HOUR in the car driving stop-go-stop-go across town) we shoved him in the car only pausing long enough to switch drivers, came hurdling back across the bridge, slapped some gas in the car, grabbed a pizza for dinner, and javelined the kids into bed.

Excuse my odd verbs but that's what it felt like, trying to accomplish all of this in a single day was insanity. I honestly have so much awe of you school driving mammas. I would Lose. My. Mind. doing this day in and out. I don't know how they do it.

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Sarah said...

Driving the kids to school SUCKS. I. hate. it. But being stuck in the house without a car really sucks too. I hope your situation improves soon! XOXO