Friday, April 23, 2010

Around the House

We're busy today. Lots of things going on, getting prepped and finished up. I like days like this. I like it when things actually come to a close and I can look back and say "I did that", "it worked" or "thank God its done!"

I introduced the new babies to Duncan this morning.

Who are these people, mom?

He was good and curious. The two babies just jumped around thankful, I think, for the additional space. Conner doesn't care as long as there is food.

The garden is coming in full swing. Things are sprouting, tomatoes are ripening, growth is happening every second of every day. The ladybugs helped me pass the storm of aphids and it looks like everyone came out unscathed. There are blossoms on just about everything but blossoms don't mean as much to me as they did this time last year. I've grown a bit jaded I suppose, knowing that a bloom doesn't mean fruit. Ants carry away the pollen, other bugs eat them outright, the blazing sun wilts them before polinization. Though they're pretty enough.

It doesn't give me the same excited zing shooting through my blood as these do.

I've been a sewing fool lately. Spurred on by I know not what. Yesterday, I agreed to make Cordelia a rainbow twirly skirt like this one I made almost two years ago for Olivia:

It's a painstakingly annoying skirt but the results are worth if it they don't drive you mad. It made me remember why I only made one.  I decided that cutting just the 81 needed for the skirt wasn't time effective, so I just went on and cut about 400 more to be used as various projects in the upcoming months.

Today, I'll finish the skirt, clean the house, homeschool the kids, work on some reusable zippy bags for a friend and get the kids ready to go out to dinner to celebrate Rob's National Guard promotion to Captain. I can't wait to go to Kobe and get my hands on their white sauce.

So, here is to good days around the house. Enjoy today.

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