Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crappy, Busy, Rainy Day

My day started at 12:15am when Max finally went to sleep for the night. I grabbed a couple hours between getting up with a kid to pee, making Max another bottle and having a bad dream. Then all the kids got  me up by 6:45. Ugh. Such limited and terrible sleep lends to a cranky mommy.

I got up and made my coffee just to find myself pouring chunks of milk into it. Nice. Let's try that again. The kids were in rare form, yelling and picking at each other. Nothing was good enough and everyone needed everything this exact second or they'd start whining. With the kids sat down in front of the TV with food, I headed to my laptop to find the internet conked out. It's raining, something I usually like, but not when it keeps flicking off the power making me constantly resetting the wireless hardware and listening to the kids groan when the DVR has to reboot.

I actually did get in the shower. Amazing, that.

We were scheduled to go pick up a new bunny -which multiplied into two - but with my internet down I couldn't get on to get her address/phone or anything else. So I took my Ipod Touch over to Starbucks. On the way I needed gas and wouldn't you know the first one I stopped at was broken. Back in the car to find another pump. At Starbucks I'm supposed to get 2 hrs free WiFi being a gold card member but for some reason it wouldn't let me do it. $3.99 later I find out my Safari app on the Touch is kinked and wont' work. Oh, and Rob stole my GPS for the weekend so the saved address I needed wasn't in the car. Thankfully, the mail app did work and I got her number and called her for directions.

Now, we're thirty minutes late and it's practically a monsoon on the highway. At least I had my coffee and music. But the kids were raring to go, yelling, laughing, picking at each other and complaining driving me up a wall.

Ten minutes before we arrive I hear the dreaded  "I really have to go potty." from the backseat. For those of you that think flooring it to our destination would have worked, I'm not sure you realize what that means when it comes out of a five year old. "I really have to go potty." translates into "I should have told you fifteen minutes ago that I was squirming in my seat but I continued to drink my vanilla milk and now my bladder is exploding."

After a pitstop on the side of the road, we made it and picked up a new set of bunnies.

EEEK! They're so stinkin' cute. They do make my day just a bit better :) I also was able to finish up two quilt tops today.

I've been trying to get projects done by taking it piece by piece. I'll cut everything out working with just one fabric at a time so I don't loose my place if I get interrupted. Then piece them all. Sew at once. Iron at once. Sew again. Etc. until the thing is done. It's amazing how much you can get done and how quickly when you set small goals for yourself. I have to top stitch these to the batting and gather the materials for the backs and binding and I'll be ready to schedule that binding class.

The kids are still driving me nuts, they just won't leave the bunnies alone! But I'm glad they're excited about it. I'm thinking tonight will be an easy dinner and maybe cupcakes are going to get made. I'm not sure I want the mess but a cupcake will do me good after the kids go to bed and I can relax with an ibuprofen and my current read.


Becca said...

The sounds that came from my mouth when I saw the bunnies can't even be translated into typed characters. Too cute!

Kaylala said...

i LOVE the bunnies! <3