Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two days in.

This morning I took my oldest, Alex on a mommy/Alex date. We do this with the kids to give them some "me" time with one of the head honchos. It's hard having five kids but it's probably harder being one of the five. Sometimes I call them the wrong name, dole out the wrong pj's to the wrong kid, or overlook one tucked in tot for good night kisses (I'm always promptly reminded). So we started bringing the kids out on dates. Most of the time it's just running errands but that's ok, they seem to love it. Today was Alex's turn. (That's Alex in the photo being too cool for Minie Mouse.)

We dressed quick in the morning having four errands to run before it got too late in the day to get anything accomplished. In my attempt to get out the door without Emmy seeing and throwing one of her spectacular two year old fits of fury, we dashed out unprepared for the quite cold morning air. We were ok jaunting to the car even when we stopped to pick the first snap pea of the season. Alex ate it with gusto. There's nothing like the feeling watching one of your brood much happily on something you grew. There is some inner primative thing that gets satisfied inside me when that happens. He said it tasted like peas in a sugar bowl.

Our first trip was Target for the usual suspects; diapers, pencils and a smattering of other goodies. We also picked up some gloves for Alex and fingerless ones for me. I've been dying for a knit pair that have the half fingers. I don't care if it makes me look homeless my hands are warm. I'm wearing the dark red lovelies as I type this to you. We also scooped up some yummy Starbucks to toast up our insides. Thank you Target and/or Starbucks for joining forces.

The grocery store was our next stop. Veggies, milk, yogurts and some staples and we were done. That wonderful list I made a few weeks back outlining everything we had or were going to eat for dinner really does wonders for the shopping. I did end up spending $100 which, if you're paying attention to my grocery budget cut backs, is a little more than I had planned to spend. It's ok, we're working on it.

Across the street from the grocery store we frequent is a little thrift shop called Life's Treasures. It's a fabulous place. It's always packed with stuff and they have really good deals. This is where we got that gas powered coleman circa 1950's working camp stove for $1.87. Yeah, it's that kind a good. Today I scored a Nesco food dehydrator, a three set of nesting melamine pouring batter bowls in white, some black coated wire mesh squares to use with the bunny cages, a vintage red toddler sleeveless tunic -Emmy has a penchant for vintage baby dresses- a dish towel and four antique cabinet pulls. All for $18. Awesome. The dehydrator isn't the exact model I wanted (the Vegi-kiln 10 tray that's been sitting in my Amazon to buy later list for months) but it was $140 less ringing up at a whopping $5. I can buy additional trays for it and add it to the counter with my still working $15 Harbor Freight model. That's part of all this, folks. Making do. I could have spent the money for the new one, we have it right now but I don't need it. Finding this little gem in the back of the shelf made my day. Knowing I saved money makes it even sweeter.

Then we were off to the feed store. Unfortunately, last time I was there I bought the last 30x30 bunny cage. We did get the drop pan, a bag of timothy hay and some black oil sunflower seeds. We'll need to go to another feed or TSC before we getting the bunnies on the morrow.

Right now, Rob's outside cleaning out the shed in hopes to make room for the bale of timothy hay we'll need to start buying. The bags are just too expensive. I am hoping these two buns we're going to go look at tomorrow are good. If they pass par we'll be brining the boys home. Our first livestock homestead animals.

The kids and I have talked about what it'll take to handle and care for these fuzzy bunnies. They are a lot of work, or at least much more than a regular rabbit. I have learned so much over at forums my head sometimes feels swimming with information. I think it's marvelous. We're really doing this. If all works out with the rabbits, we'll be getting a doe in the next 4-5 months and set her up for breeding to the bucks probably by the end of the year. We're counting on fiber and kit sales to make up or cover the costs of caring for the rabbits at least at first. Later we'll be counting on them for fiber for ourselves and sales to contribute to the homestead.

Two days in and we're off to a great start.

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