Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heifer Homeschool

I posted last month about our decision to gift shares of livestock through Heifer International. We donated braces of rabbits and flocks of chicks to the adults in our lives. I'm a fan of the Heifer FaceBook page and this month was rewarded with a wonderful website: Heifer Education.

Holy cow! (pun intended) I wish I had stumbled across this before we made our donation gifts last year. But that's alright. Now I can integrate these lessons throughout the year which will make 2010's holiday gift giving that much better. I have big plans for these lessons!

I'll be talking to my church about the possibility of a Locavore sermon, informing them on the importance of local food consumption. We'll be heading to some local farms to learn about our local produce and how food travels.

I'm going to put the word out to do a Read to Feed with our local homeschool chapters, raising money to donate to Heifer while encouraging reading.
The main site offers free interactive games, worksheet print outs, maps, lesson plans and a whole lot more. Wow, global food awareness and livestock. Two of my favorite things. And if that's not reason enough, it's free.

Right now, Heifer is spreading the word. They're focusing their efforts towards Haiti relief. You can read more about it here. The people o Haiti lost everything, including life supporting livestock. Consider sending them a tax deductable donation today and teach your kids about the importants of global food awareness at the same time.

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